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Wonderful Curiosity

If man never asked questions, we wouldn't know the meaning of freedom, there wouldn't be any foot prints on the moon, and Alice would never have fallen down the rabbit hole. Indulge your curiosity, divulge into your imagination.



i actually have a fashion taste that is completly different from what i actually wear but i dont have enough confidence to wear what i really want to wear

or enough money


when ur excited about something ur friends aren’t 


Robert Downey Jr.’s words to kids, at the 27th Kids Choice Awards, March 29, 2014. [video]

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I think my favourite of these is Belle’s poster because of the villain. In all these other posters the villain is shown to be something hideous and horrific, shrew and haggard. Then you see a man who everyone sees as beautiful and characteristic. But hes the villain, he’s one who holds the princess back and stands in her way.

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Love Food? This blog is for you.

Love Food? This blog is for you.